About Look3D

Since 2007 Look3D has been a pioneer in the Digital 3D Eyewear market and by listening to our clients around the world we have continued to stay at the forefront of the 3D Eyewear industry.

Look3D has now introduced the first online ordering system for exhibitors globally with locally distributed product. Look3D has worked with distributors around the world to bring you a‘one-stop shop’for your 3D Eyewear needs with stock available in your territory. It is as simple as shopping on line and your goods will arrive within 3-5 business days.

Look3D are also credited with being the first company to have its designs certified and its purpose built 3D manufacturing plant accredited by RealD. We offer the most diverse range of Passive 3D glasses in the world, from disposable single use glasses to the highest quality Designer 3D glasses available, Look3D is the one stop supplier in the 3D eyewear market.

Outside of RealD, Look3D is now the largest distributor of Passive 3D Glasses in the world and with the continued success of 3D films and our strong offering of increased revenue to cinema chains across the globe, we are well positioned to continue our success by simply supplying a quality, superior product at the best price.

Some of the studios we have worked with

Look3D is also the only 3D glasses manufacturer to hold licenses with DreamWorks Animations, LucasFilm, Warner Brothers, Disney, Paramount, Fox and Sony Pictures to develop and produce licensed 3D eyewear collections themed around major 3D movie titles.

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